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What Funeral Home should you Choose?
Why should I Plan Ahead?  | What Funeral Home should you Choose?

What Funeral Home should you Choose?
by Al Banfield

Choosing a funeral home is not what everybody does on a daily basis. This is not like going to the super market or drug store. This is a situation where the care, compassion and the quality of the service in celebrating a loved ones life. When I attend dinners or get together with large amounts of people, believe me when I say, that there is quite a few who have never had to make arrangements for a loved one.

How does a person choose a funeral home? Usually that funeral home has been in the community for a long time and is well established or perhaps the individual that works there is your neighbor or a person you met at a ballgame or at the gym. My question is would you want to take Uncle Joe to a stranger or to someone you know. Isn't it a little less stressful if the person you are working with, in this situation, is someone that is familiar to you. Also when choosing a funeral home ask your friends and neighbors, because believe me when I say under these conditions they will not direct you wrong.

Most funeral directors are compassionate and caring. The cost should be a factor and there is nothing wrong with pricing other funeral homes. Always take into consideration what is this funeral home doing for me! I believe that our job is to make a stressful situation easy for the family, it should be discussed and provided by the funeral director in establishing a feeling, by the family, things were not complicated and we did not have to worry about anything.

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