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Why should I Plan Ahead?
Why should I Plan Ahead?  | What Funeral Home should you Choose?

Why should I Plan Ahead?
by Al Banfield

Planning ahead is one thing no one really wants to do but as the old saying goes "There is only two sure things in this world that are certain and that is Death and Taxes.

Planning ahead is like a person buying a life insurance policy. A person does this because if something happens to a loved one they will have something to fall back on to get their lives back in order. Planning ahead is no different then the above mentioned life insurance; it allows your family to not worry about the arrangements of a funeral. Most families that I have written pre-arrangements for have always stated that they feel so much better because my kids (or family) do not have to worry about my funeral or perhaps the family members live a long ways away. This is so much a caring attitude for parents or any person to think this way.

We here at Garden Chapel offer a variety of options you can choose from to facilitate your pre-arranged plans. First there is a bank trust where funds are deposit in a bank account and if the cost of the arrangements you selected are paid fully, we will then guarantee that there will be no increase in cost to the family because the interest accumulated should cover these increased costs. We can also set up a monthly payment plan although the guarantee would not take affect until the full cost of the arrangements are paid in full. Under the payment plan we would then take the amount on deposit plus acumulated interest and deduct from the cost of services prevalent at the time of need.

A funeral life insurance is another option which allows you to have the same arrangement but you pay on a monthly basis and is guaranteed for the life of the person.

What is beneficial to your circumstances? Just give us a call and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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