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Obituary for Adrian Franklin Bonilla Jr.

Adrian Bonilla, a name to never be forgotten. He was born on the 10th of August in 1977 in the small country, El Salvador in hospital “Bloom”.

He was a free spirited human who lived life to the fullest of adventures no matter what. He loved travel especially touristic views and with the occasional statement of “Let’s go take a cruise”. He loved being out doors and exploring.

Adrian was raised in Usulután El Salvador. His upbringing wasn’t the smoothest, he was poor and judged by many from his neighborhood that he wouldn’t be successful. Later in life proved that to be very wrong.

Due to an accidental incident in his early childhood he developed Epilepsy. In his early preteen years in 1989 he moved from Usulután to the Bay Area, California where he discovered his love for cars, everything 80s, Chinese food and movies.

Before leaving his country at age 12, with tears in his eyes he pledged a promise to his grandma (Mami) whom he held close to his heart. The woman that helped raise him in his early childhood years. His eternal promise to her and essentially everyone in his barrio that doubted him, later in life he returned and went through with his promise, his act as a thank you for caring for him.

He went on to finish his high school earning his diploma he continued his education going on to college to study business administration. In the process of his education he decided to instead become a Automotive Estimator . He later on would practice his field in his fathers auto body shop.

In 1998 his first daughter Sasha Bonilla was born. He went on to grow more in his career eventually administrating his fathers business. He spent his early 20s enjoying 2000s rap, oversized clothes and travelling, exploring many places such as Hawaii, New York and traveling back to his home country, El Salvador, Mexico and Washington DC. He was always flaunting his DC trip where he got the opportunity to meet the President.

In 2001, is when he welcomed his 2nd daughter Adriana Bonilla which he was always proud to have a child named after him. The following year in 2002 he married Yvette Bonilla which the two would go through some of the biggest obstacles together. Their marriage lived long and passionate throughout his lifetime. In 2007 they welcomed their second daughter together Cadence Bonilla, where he took great pride on the name choice.

In 2010 he went through a horrific car accident where doctors told him he would never walk again after years of recovery and therapy, God gave him a miracle. Allowing him to walk again which shocked medical professionals. Throughout life no broken back, neck, ribs, fractures, or metals put into his body ever stopped my Adrian from enjoying life. He was a one of a kind, never seen or heard of before. He always stayed true to himself. He always believed that you stay true to who you are. He stood for humanity and human kindness encouraging his daughters to live by his most important morals, humbleness and respect. To never forget where you come from and the people around you who helped you get to where you are and to never leave behind family. The most important thing in his lifetime was helping others. He made it his life mission to help those in any way that he could. Even passionate about helping other after death registering himself as an organ donor.

He went through so many battles in his life. He was a grand fighter. He fought his biggest battle yet for 3 weeks until his very last breath on October 11, 2023 at 6:54 pm in Mills Peninsula Hospital.

His story ended there but his memory will live on forever. He was one of those souls you encountered every other lifetime. May his beautiful soul rest in eternal peace.