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Obituary for Desiree Cecilia Chang

Desiree Cecilia Chang
June 4, 1961 - June 18, 2020

Never one to miss out on a celebration, Desiree “Des” Cecilia Chang, loving wife to high school sweetheart John, passed away peacefully at home in the final minutes of their 32nd wedding anniversary.

Though born in Manila, Philippines, Des considered San Francisco her one true home from the moment she immigrated at age 8. San Francisco was where she met her husband, her friends, and achieved what she considered her greatest accomplishment - raising a family of her own.

Des’ other accomplishments spanned both professional and personal. After a long career as a personal chef/driver/snack mom/librarian/and personal assistant to her two girls, she made a career shift to her sister-in-law Peggy’s law firm which promised a fixed schedule and defined lunch breaks. She quickly considered everyone at the law firm her extended family and was proud to work her way up from receptionist to office manager. She was also an avid reader of fiction, the go-to for celebrity gossip, and could binge-watch her way through any tv series with fervor.

To know Desiree was to know you'd be fed well, no matter how much you insisted that you weren't hungry. And if you did wear her down, you’d probably still leave with a madeleine in your pocket or a bag of goodies “just in case” or to “share with your family”. She could sell ice to Eskimos - and her warm smile made turning down her generosity feel like a crime.

To know Desiree was also to be fiercely supported. Though she often joked about how being the oldest daughter meant being saddled with responsibility and never having “fun”, she cared for others as easily as she breathed. Whether it was inappropriately violent screams at a youth flag-football game or cheers that could be heard from an otherwise silent ballet competition, there was never a doubt that she wanted the best for her loved ones.

She leaves behind her heartbroken family: husband John, daughters Morgan Ashley (son-in-law John) and Madison Noelle, mother Fe, siblings Ben (sister-in-law Edna), Marie (brother-in-law Greg), Tessa (brother-in-law Dan), Charles (brother-in-law Doug) and May, mother-in-law Hsia, sister-in-law Peggy (brother-in-law Gerry) and her beloved nieces and nephews: Chris (Frances), Chloe, Victoria (Cassondra), Chad, Brianna, Cassandra, Chase, Luke, and Zoe. Yet, as they mourn her passing, they also celebrate her reunion with her father, Beato, after his death 30 years ago.

Though the loss is immense, it would bring Desiree no greater joy than to remind everyone to: stop putting off what makes you happy, take care of yourself and your family, get the shoes you’ve been eyeing, stop counting age after 29, and lastly - eat dessert first.